INER-Z Automotive

INER-Z Automotive

Iner-z automotive is a startup-based R/D research lab based in Islamabad which is focused on electrifying mobility.

The company launched its maiden line-up of electric vehicles from e-bikes in PAPS,2020 named as alpha. But it is still in the beta phase.

The bike is purely designed, simulated and tested in Pakistan by Pakistani engineers and designers.

The alpha is a fully electric bike contains the hub motor in the rear wheels of 1.5kw and has a peak power of 3 kw that is capable of loading capacity of 180kg means two 90kg person can sit on it.

It has a 40 Ah battery pack that is capable of fully charging in 4 hours consuming only 2.5 units of electricity and giving riders range of 65km.It can also be configured upon 2 battery pack in total which will give 130km of range in total and it will cost a bit more.

The bike can achieve up to 70km/hr. of speed

Company is planning to give 5 years of battery and motor replacement saving around 45 thousand rupees of bike riders annually.

The bike is almost maintenance free because of no mechanical parts in its drive train.

The bike will be available by 3rd quarter of the year and will be costing around 95 thousand with the single battery pack.